Horizon Society


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle


The logo aptly expresses the goals of the society. The saffron colored area represents freedom of innovation, ideas and intellect. The Steel Grey part represents determination, discipline and dedication. When these two areas converge, any tough job becomes uncomplicated. The logo points towards both the dimensions, hence HORIZON - exploring extremities and beyond.


·     We aim at creating technocrats, entrepreneurs & above all great thinking minds with impeccable grit, discretionary vision and effective leadership.

·         Bridging the gap between technical and managerial skills.

·         Exposure of students to wider community.

·         Free flow of information over a larger knowledge base and establishing an efficient information system.

·         Establishing a process that is independent of individual competence.

·        Providing a common platform to students, irrespective of their backgrounds to initiate, innovate and explore new ideas under expert guidance and effective mentorship.




Horizon was incepted in October 2006 with Mrs. Manjeet Kalra as the protagonist. Presently, it works under the able guidance of Applied Science & Humanities Department headed by Prof. S. L. Kapoor.


The information and communication industry has taken quantum leaps in the global market. Its significance lies not only in terms of size but also its influence upon every segment of society. As globalization delivers new career opportunities, it also presents various challenges.
To understand and manage the implications of this information deluge, the industry needs communication and management specialists with world class operational efficiency and technological edge.

The last 11 years have seen great leaders and achievers in various fields from India. It’s high time for leaders, particularly from technical sector, to emerge as pioneers. For this, the educational system should play a pivoting role with the initiative of the student community themselves. Horizon is the sole techno-managerial society of the college that aims at enhancing both technical and managerial skills of the potential students of the college.



DISHA - The Orientation Program: ‘Disha’ is an initiative towards introducing the freshers to the college culture and organization. It includes address by the distinguished dignitaries of the college followed by a virtual tour of the college and a brief presentation by Horizon members. The program serves as creating a responsible attitude that paves a way towards building a strong foundation and ethics in the newest additions to the AKGEC family as well as their induction in the rich legacy of our Alma-mater.


KIRAN - The Anti-Ragging Drive: ‘KIRAN’ aims at making the students of 2nd, 3rd & 4th year understand the ill effects of ragging, the UGC anti-ragging guidelines and the traumatic impact it leaves on the minds of the freshers. Each session consists of a presentation, some introspecting videos and a concluding speech by Proctor of the college Prof. S. L. Kapoor.


Rise of Nations: The event ‘Rise of Nations’ emphasized the importance of global trade and international fidelity. This one day mega-event encompassed the entire time-line of global trade and the various commodities under exchange. The rise and fall of nations and their impact on trade scenarios efficiently infused this very essence in our participants as well as the viewers. The Rise of the Nations was undoubtedly the biggest and the most successful event witnessing the highest participation in TechTrishna’15.

Confluence 2.0: Confluence 2.0 focused in bringing out the intellect, general awareness, and tactfulness of the participants. Apart from testing their ability to mold themselves in the situation, the event also aimed at bringing out the leadership skills of the participant and provided them a platform for interacting with people of diverse ideologies and an opportunity to get into heated debates and discussions in order to pass resolutions for the greater good of the world.


Avant Garde: This event was organized by the society, consisted of a quizzing round followed by another round which involved the presentation of new ideas in front of the judges.

Stage of Empires: In order to promote entrepreneurship and
out-turn future leaders, the event’s first round included decision making resource management and market strategies to boost their armies, followed by the second round which involved diplomatic strategies in order to find the hidden crown.


Style Icon: The event was organized during the annual cultural fest VIBRATIONS consisted of a talent round, an  impromptu task performance round and a final round in which questions were put up to the participants by the judges.


Building Barons: In this event the participants were asked to come forth with a feasible business idea with the focus laid on the implementation of the same.


Youth Parliament: This event consisted on encouraging the idea of country development by the youth.


Nirbhaya:  This event was a tribute to the Nirbhaya Rape Case victim. It consisted of 3 phases in which the participants were tested upon various clauses such as verbosity, their understanding of the topic, the concreteness of facts given and grammatical skills.


Brand Bazaar: It was a blend of corporate know-how, art of advertising and the visual adaptability of the business world aiming at honing the commercial skills of the students.

Boss the stock: The event was a virtual share market which made everyone understands about the concept of share market and stock exchange. It aimed at developing the managerial skills of the participants by helping them to regain the intellectual atmosphere with a keen and insatiable curiosity to learn and discover the building blocks of marketing environment.

Interview: TEAM HORIZON got the privilege to interview the star cast of the
Bollywood movie" I DON'T LOVE YOU", Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pandey to get an insight of their experiences while shooting here at AKGEC.


The Wordsmith: It is an inter-college essay writing competition organized by AKTU in order to pay homage and deliver our sincere obeisance to late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. The efforts of this magnanimous personality are beautifully articulated in the form of an essay which highly acknowledges the brilliant perspective of today's youth.


Ignited minds: It is an online quiz competition organized by AKTU in order to honour the simple yet decorated life of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The quiz deals with questions related to his life and his contribution for the growth and advancement of India.

Youth Confab: It is an event
organized by Team Horizon stood as a pathway to give the emerging youth a chance to unravel their grit and put it for the greater good of the nation.
Youth Confab was conducted in three phases. The first round involved students forming political parties of their own and campaigning about them via various social media handlers. The selected candidates had to choose a ministry and were questioned on the same. The final round was Parliament round where the Opposition and Government had to pass a bill.

RHETORICS: The workshop on public speaking, an initiative by Team Horizon to hone the oratory skills of the students, saw the participants learning and sharpening their vocal skills and improving their personality traits to take their first step towards being charismatic and powerful individuals. It worked as a catalyst in instilling confidence amongst all those who wish to stand apart from the crowd.

Faculty Coordinators:

1.     Mr. Vikas Roshan
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Mob No:
+91 9911752833


2.     Ms. Chanchal Sharma
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            Mob No: +91 8860910941


Student Coordinators:

1.     Sidhant Kandpal

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      Mob No: +91 7065895405


      2.  Srajita Singh

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      Mob No: +91 9999461727