IT Home

IT has changed the way of our life and the pace of change is very fast. This scenario is giving us new opportunity as well as new challenges. IT has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes dramatically. ERP solutions have further empowered the organizations to do multi-location, multilingual and multicurrency operation in the global business environment. New ways of marketing, making friends, communication and socialization have come up in the form of blogs, forums, chats, emails etc. 

IT is working as a hub to drive the businesses to new heights. IT jobs are more paying as well as more demanding. To continuously learn and grasp new technologies is a real challenge for IT professionals. Creating such professionals to take this challenge and rise to the apex of IT profession is our goal.

At AKGEC excellence is the way of life. We are committed to give students an environment to nurture their talent in to its fullest potential. This is achieved by learned faculty members, year round conduction of numerous seminars, guest lectures, and industry academia interaction, co-curricular & extracurricular activities. We strive to transform the students not only into good professionals but a good human being and a dutiful citizen.

The department is equipped with the following labs:-

·           Data structure lab

·           Computer graphics lab

·           C- programming lab

·           OOP lab with JAVA

·           Web technology lab

·           Design & analysis of algorithm lab

·           Computer organization lab

·           Software engineering lab

·           DBMS lab

·           Cryptography & Network security lab

·           Artificial intelligence lab

·           I.T. infrastructure Management lab

·           Distributed system lab

·           Operating system lab

·           Computer networks lab

·           Software project management lab