Born on 5th of September 2005, with a motto of searching hidden creativity among technical

students, itself makes FOOTPRINTS different from any other society present at AKGEC.

Itihaas ke panno se…: Well! the credit for establishing the society goes to Mr. Kumar Varun  & Shubhashees Pandey .  Varun Agarwal,Shobhit Kulshreshtha laid stress on the fact that the society  mainly concentrates on nurturing creativity.One of the passed out senior wrote a poem “ALVIDA HOSTEL” and pasted on the college wall. The poem was not only praised but the concept of its display forced the students to think that there should be a board for the Wall Magazine where students can put their talents on display.

FOOTPRINTS .....A BRIDGE BETWEEN STAFF & STUDENT: Footprints keeps on displaying matters likeinfo-waves, jigyasa,dil se,rubaroo,hridyansh dealing with various aspects of creativity.

FOOTPRINTS ….IN SEARCH OF TALENTS: A K G E C  has participated several times at  MMA Dayal Annual debate competition . For the Academic session 2008-09, it was FOOTPRINTS which took the responsibility of filtering genuine candidates to represent college at this prestigious event.FOOTPRINTS conducted an intra-college debate and fortunately the winner of this debate later won the 1st prize and made the college proud….

FOOTPRINTS …. AT VIBRATIONS : FOOTPRINTS  has always taken a keen interest in organizing various competitions at college ANNUAL FEST -“ VIBRATIONS”. Some of the events conducted by FOOTPRINTS every year are:Pot-decoration ,Rangoli making,Mehndi-competition,Sketching,T-shirt-Painting,Calligraphy,Collage-making,Face-Painting.

FOOTPRINTS … JANTA KI AAWAZ: FOOTPRINTS keeps on conducting student polls every week to bring out the students opinion on various  burning issues.

FOOTPRINTS opened new doors to cultural innovation by conducting the event "JODI KAMAL KI" at VIBRATIONS 06 which involved the participation of 5 most cherished JODIS of our college.This event created a history by accepting a huge round of applause and appreciation from all our faculty members and students.

FOOTPRINTS is a society dedicated solely to the students and aims in bringing  out the best  creations from the students which would otherwise be lost in this competitive world .A student making sketches at the back side of his/her notes copy could be a real innovator  who can really create wonders.We aim in providing  such  students a platform which can nurture their hidden talent.  Its dynamic and flexible nature itself makes it a society capable of bringing the best from every student. In short “it is a society for the students ,by the students ,from the students.”