Nirmaan came into operation during even semester 2014-15, with a primary aim of providing a platform for students of Civil Engineering discipline to enhance their practical knowledge and gain experience on field under the able guidance of the senior member of the society and highly qualified faculty members who are always ready to help students and motivate them to think out of the box.

The society has active involvement in the annual event of college 'SCROLLS', society decides the various interesting and ideal topics for the Civil Domain of Scrolls. Nirmaan had also contributed immensely in Tech fest of the college. Recently Nirmaan conducted 'TECHNOSPARX', an event appealing to the technical as well as creative mind of the students. Technosparx received a huge response from students of every discipline and from every year. Event was divided into two main stages and a bonus round. First round conducted on 6th march was a quiz round with questions involving general knowledge aptitude and basic technical knowledge. Second and final round consisted of a presentation round conducted on 8th and 9th of March, topics including sustainable development, bridges and recent trends in engineering which a huge participation. Apart from these a bonus round of 'Caption it' was conducted to check the creativity of students.

In future, the team plans to conduct workshops of AutoCAD and STADD Pro for students and involve itself in various construction and renovation projects of the college.


Events organized:

 “TECHNO SPARX”- A CE society under the name NIRMAAN was formed. Mr. Suraj Kumar, Assistant Professor, CE has been assigned to act as faculty in charge. Students of Civil Engineering Department have participated in various technical as well as a cultural event organized by various colleges like ABES, IMS and KIET Ghaziabad. The society also organized an event “TECHNO SPARX” in March 2017. The response of students was magnificent for this technical event. More than one hundred teams were registered in this event. Due to completion of the final year, we have elected new journal secretary from upcoming fourth year. And various responsibilities are also distributed to the members this society.