Taal is the dance society of AJAY KUMAR GARG ENGINEERING COLLEGE . This comprises of innovative, talented and versatile students as its coordinators and members.

Taal society came into existence in the year 2004 with only four members, students of final year and some students of third year. The idea of exploring the college students to move their body on music was given by them. It is well know to every one that every year college organizes VIBRATIONS. Taal society has always been the soul of VIBRATIONS.

In 2006 many new members came to the society. One of them was Roopal Agnihotri. 

In 2007 Taal Society performed for the first time at national level in ANTARAGNI’07, held at IIT-KANPUR. 

This enabled us to self explore the actual competitive world of dance which intensified the spirit of dancing better within us. 

In the year 2008 during the VIBRATIONS and Taal introduced a new event named STREET DANCE. For the first time the society members performed a special dance at the closing ceremony of VIBRATIONS’08 apart from other participations. 

Since its formation Taal society has been organizing workshops for students in college, where coordinators share their experiences with students and help them in developing interest for cultural events.

Everyone knows that dance in one of the most important feature of cultural fest. Every year new students join us and show their talent. In starting of session 2007-08 the society was almost shattered because there were no more final year students left who can take the responsibility Of the society.