Verve Fashion Team

About Verve

V-Verve is the fashion society of our college. We are a society of like minded fashion enthusiasts who aim to help students find and develop their own unique style. 
We put up fashion shows based on various themes. When one hears the term "fashion show" one can't help but think of flawless models embellished with gorgeous dresses and makeup walking under the spotlight in their high heels. However, what most people fail to see is that underneath that makeup and costumes simmer hours of rehearsals and meticulous conceptualizing of the themes that are portrayed. 
From designing the dresses and props to choreographing the show and preparing the soundtrack, we do it all, without any outside help and everything is done exclusively on the basis of the theme. And in the end, our models sizzle the ramp with their confidence and glamour.
Our shows are more than just a strut in stilettos. We do not talk, we do not act and yet our shows shout out to the audiences about social issues like Drug abuse, depression, women empowerment, LGBT etc. 
V-Verve will appeal to anyone with an interest in fashion whether it be designing, modelling, photography or simply a love for creativity.